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Looking for a new and exciting way to advocate for children in poverty this year?
Join with others across the nation in a united effort to make sure that no Compassion child, ever again, suffers from malaria!

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easy ways to help Compassion take a bite out of malaria.

Malaria Bites. Bite Back. Help End Malaria.

Bite Back is an initiative of Compassion International, mobilizing caring individuals in the United States to raise awareness about the global problem of malaria. We provide mosquito nets, malaria prevention education for Compassion-assisted children and access to treatment for those who have malaria as part of our holistic child development program.

For just $20,* you can provide a lifesaving mosquito net, prevention education for a family, access to treatment, and ongoing follow ups.

*$2 of every $20 goes to Compassion’s medical assistance fund, which covers treatment for those suffering from malaria episodes.

Malaria can be stopped. You can help!

Malaria is the world’s third-largest killer of children. Help us end malaria by learning more and taking action now.

Get Informed

Get Informed

Learn about malaria, its causes and solutions. See the impact of a single net.

Act Now

Act Now

Join us to help spread the word and engage others to Bite Back against malaria.

Give Today

Give Today

Donate $20 to provide a net, education, access to medical treatment and follow ups.

real stories about real kids

small acts with big impact

Do you have a favorite coffee shop in your town?
Invite several friends to meet for coffee and use the time to share
Bite Back. Bring your laptop to show the Bite Back site and videos.