• So here's the good news about malaria

    Actually, it's great news!

No child ever needs to die from a mosquito bite because…

Malaria can be prevented and treated.

For just $20,* you can provide a lifesaving mosquito net, prevention education for a family, access to treatment, and ongoing follow ups.

*$2 of every $20 goes to Compassion’s medical assistance fund, which covers treatment for those suffering from malaria episodes.

So What Does Compassion Do?

We’re glad you asked! More than half of the children we serve are at risk of contracting malaria.
It’s a very real problem, and we have implemented some very real solutions.

Children sleeping under insecticide-treated mosquito nets keep sweet dreams in, and malaria-carrying mosquitoes OUT. Mosquito nets reduce malaria deaths by at least 23 percent.

Children and families learn simple ways to make their homes mosquito-free zones: Cleaning up areas where mosquitoes breed (puddles, standing water, tall weeds), using nets effectively, and replacing nets when needed.

Children suffering from malaria receive anti-malarial drugs, IV medication, transfusions, and breathing treatments. When caught early, malaria episodes can be cured with medication in one to three days.

Because of Malaria Intervention

Since 2000, deaths from malaria have fallen 42 percent.

More than 3 million children have been saved.

And 90 percent of those saved are in the under-5 age group.

Real Stories about Real Kids

Supporting Bite Back makes a difference!

Read true stories about real kids in Compassion’s program to see how Bite Back gives help and hope for a healthy, happy future, free from malaria.

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