• What's the big deal?

    Malaria is a big deal!

Malaria Kills Children

For just $20,* you can provide a lifesaving mosquito net, prevention education for a family, access to treatment, and ongoing follow ups.

*$2 of every $20 goes to Compassion’s medical assistance fund, which covers treatment for those suffering from malaria episodes.

What is Malaria anyway?

It starts with a mosquito carrying a dangerous parasite.

That’s the short story of malaria. If you want the whole scientific description, check out this link from the Centers for Disease Control (www.cdc.gov/malaria/)  or read this interesting article from National Geographic  (ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2007/07/malaria/finkel-text).

WHEN MALARIA goes untreated, IT can lead to:

Remember, all of that from a preventable, treatable disease

Why do so many people die from malaria?

Why can’t they go to the doctor?

Why don’t they get rid of the mosquitoes?