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‘Use me to be a blessing’

Peer Educators Save Lives in the Fight Against Malaria

Dear God, my mother has been sick for six days now. She has a high fever and sweats profusely. Her hands and her lips are dry and she vomits frequently. She lost weight and lost her smile. I think she has malaria. …

Like 16-year-old Esther, most children in Compassion’s church-based child development centers in Burkina Faso, West Africa, are praying today for family and friends battling malaria.

Just Part of Life

“No one in Burkina Faso can claim he or she has never had an episode of malaria.”

Philippe, a health worker at Esther’s Compassion center, is only half-joking. In this steamy, tropical West African country, malaria accounts for more than half of hospital visits and more than a third of deaths.

Malaria seems to be part of everyone’s life. Everyone knows they can die from it, yet many people still neglect prevention and treatment measures.

Every day, Esther walks past houses surrounded by tall grass and stagnant rainwater collecting in used boxes, bottles and other waste containers. What great breeding grounds for mosquitos that carry the deadly malaria parasite!

Young Ambassadors

Lord, please use me to be a blessing for other children and my community. We teach people; the center also gives them mosquito nets. But some parents will not use them. Please speak to their hearts. …

Esther’s Compassion center combats malaria aggressively. Every registered child receives at least two insecticide-treated mosquito nets. Staff members teach children about malaria prevention and treatment and enlist them as peer educators to help reach the community at large.

Esther has served as a peer educator for two years. She teaches other children and participates in her Compassion center’s annual malaria prevention campaigns. She helps lead demonstrations on how to handle mosquito nets properly. She and other children have learned the importance of malaria prevention, symptoms detection and the necessity to get immediate medical attention if malaria is suspected.

These young health ambassador tell others and are saving lives!

On the Road to Health

Because of Compassion’s malaria prevention training, Esther’s mom knew she needed to seek medical help promptly. With immediate care, she was soon back on the road to health.

As more communities engage in malaria prevention measures, more lives will be saved. Someday, maybe soon, malaria will no longer be a part of daily life in Burkina Faso.

As I close this prayer, dear God, I entrust to You the lives of two other children in our center who are frequently sick, Severin and Clauvis. I also entrust all the families in this country to Your precious care and protection. I pray this in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen!


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