• Kids at risk of Malaria need you to

    Get up, Step up and help them

 There are two ways you can make a difference

Choose either one or even both.

Help Spread the Word

Invite family and friends to join you and multiply your impact. You can spread the word with family, friends and co-workers, raising funds to make a big difference!

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Small Acts with Big Impact

Here are some easy fundraising ideas to help get you started.

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  • Coffee for a Cause

    Do you have a favorite coffee shop in your town or on your college campus? Invite several friends to meet for coffee and use the time to cast a vision for Bite Back. Bring your laptop to show the Bite Back website and videos. Be the spark to get your friends excited about the fight to save the lives of precious children. Even if just one friend comes on board with Bite Back, it’ll be worth it!

  • Become a Videographer

    Do you have a creative mind? Do you have a video camera? Make a video for Bite Back. Walk around your school, church or workplace and ask people about malaria. Ask if they would be willing to get involved in the fight against malaria. Capture their responses and put them together for a video. Post it on your Facebook page or even link to it on Twitter. Use the video to raise awareness about malaria. Consider showing it through a ministry or social justice club.

  • Bite Back With Photography

    Are you passionate about photography? Create an artistic photo essay about Bite Back! Get your camera and go for it! Photograph people wearing a Bite Back shirt they made with the Bite Back stencil. Have people hold boards with various malaria statistics. Take pictures of a Bite Back event. Write descriptions for each photo. Weave your personal passion for fighting malaria into your writing. Use a blog to host your photo essay. Post it on the Web and invite friends to join your journey to help save the lives of people affected by malaria.

  • Give Up to Bite Back

    How often each week do you buy a fast-food meal? Or a specialty coffee? What about that candy bar or soda you buy from the vending machine? Make a commitment to give something up to fight malaria. Go without lunch once a week. Maybe it’s a one-time sacrifice or maybe it’s something once a week. Donate the money you would have spent to the fight against malaria. Get your friends involved, too! Commit as a group to give up something once a week. If it’s a meal, instead of eating, meet and talk about ways to promote malaria awareness on your campus, high school or in your town.

  • Write to Fight Malaria

    Are you a journalist at heart? Do you like to write? Submit a story about Bite Back to your school newspaper or local paper. Be the voice to let others know about Bite Back. Interview people you know. Maybe your story can emphasize how people are unaware of the enormous problem of malaria.

  • Run Down a Killer

    Are you a runner? Do you love to run in 5Ks and other races? Use your running to fight deadly mosquitoes! Run in a race and ask people to sponsor you with a $20 donation. Or, consider hosting a tournament with other sports like golf, Frisbee golf or ultimate Frisbee. Teams could pay an entry fee, with all proceeds going to fight malaria. Create different divisions and ask local companies to donate prizes.

  • Bite Back With Blogging

    Use your personal blog in a powerful way for Bite Back. Promote it to your readers. Explain the massive problem of malaria. Tell them how they can help. Have a competition on your blog for Bite Back. Encourage readers to give $20 that will provide a mosquito net for someone who is at risk of contracting malaria. Encourage readers to link to biteback.net on their blogs and social media pages. Reveal your personal passion for helping those who are at risk of getting malaria.

  • Art With a Bite

    Are you a painter or graphic designer? Do you have artistic friends? Hold an art sale to support Bite Back. Get friends, family and others to donate works of art. Buy paper and give it to them so they can print their work. Book a local venue, reserve a room at your school, or have the sale at your house. Publicize the event. Invite everyone you know to come. You can have food at the event, or bring in local musicians to perform. You can also make a Bite Back presentation at the event.

  • Bite Back On Holidays

    What creative ideas connect Bite Back fundraising with holidays? Gifts to fight malaria may be welcome at Christmas or birthdays. Halloween alternative events and fall festivals can challenge donors to “Fight something really scary – malaria.” Use your imagination!


Yard Sale

Round up all the stuff in your house that you no longer want or need, and have a yard sale with the proceeds going to Bite Back. You can also ask friends, neighbors or co-workers to donate stuff to the sale. Advertise in your local newspaper and post flyers in the neighborhood clearly stating that the sale is to benefit the fight against malaria. At the sale, prominently display a donation jar for those who don’t want to buy anything, but still want to contribute to the cause.

Bite-Sized Barbecue

Invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers or church small group over for a barbecue. Serve the food in bite-sized pieces. When your guests ask about this unusual serving idea, you can tell them about your passion for taking a “bite” out of malaria. If appropriate, you can make a Bite Back presentation, or simply invite your guests to learn more at the Bite Back web site. Be sure to share your online donation page URL with them.

Summer Jobs for the Cause

Summer is a great time for students out of school to provide a service to others and raise money for Bite Back. If you babysit, consider donating the money you make. Or you can do yard work and odd jobs for neighbors for a donation to Bite Back. A car wash is also a popular way to raise funds.

Backyard Movie Night

Invite your neighbors and friends to bring their lawn chairs over for a backyard movie night and fundraiser. Rent a movie that will be fun for all attendees. Project the movie on a screen — or even a white sheet attached to the house or garage. Provide popcorn and snacks for your guests. Before the movie, make a brief Bite Back presentation and provide bug spray for anyone who wants to use it.

Recycling Bins

Ask permission to set up an aluminum can recycling bin at a local business. (A decorated cardboard box will do.) Place a sign on the bin letting people know that not only are they helping the environment, but they’re also helping eliminate deadly malaria from children’s lives.

Host a Party

Contact your favorite home sales party person, such as a Jamberry Nails or Thirty-One representative, and ask if they’d be willing to donate their profits from a party at your house to Bite Back. In exchange, they’ll receive new potential party leads and repeat customers from your family and friends who attend.